Thursday round-up

Trayvon Martin PSA

Following up from the last blog post … “Filmmakers from Newark,NJ gathered 30 males to lend their voice to speak out on the Trayvon Martin case and the way Black males are perceived in the media and society.” (Written and Directed by Pierre M. Coleman; Director of Photography and Editor Dubois Ashong; Sound Design/Engineer Melvin Jones.)

Family law webinars

Through the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) project, METRAC has been leading a series of webinars on family law-related issues. Each month for the next several months, a new webinar will be posted online.

Hollaback’s “I’ve Got Your Back” campaign

As a global movement to end street harassment, Hollaback is a terrific partner doing terrific work. Input from Hollaback’s community has been instrumental to METRAC’s Not Your Baby iPhone app on sexual harassment (more on that to come). They’ve recently launched the “I’ve Got Your Back” Campaign to provide training, support and ultimately encouragement for bystanders to sexual harassment – that is, people who could respond when they witness situations of harassment but don’t. Perhaps they don’t know what to do or are concerned about the consequences. But if we bystanders were to change into “bydoers”, imagine the impact it would have on the public acceptance of sexual harassment.

Ad Agony


I haven’t seen these “hacked” Toronto bus ads in person. But they speak to a need to challenge the pervasiveness of advertising in our day-to-day public lives as well as my personal love of fonts. Advertising in public spaces, interestingly, is an issue that can arise as a safety concern in our Community Safety Audits, often with reference to stereotyping or abusive content of some ads or problematic placing of ads that may block sightlines and lights.

About these ads

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