“Sports hotties” and “wardrobe malfunctions”

Image from sxc.hu

By Kaveh and Eddie (City View Alternative Senior School)

Almost all the time, girls are excluded from both organized sports and pick-up sports. The idea that boys are “stronger and faster” has many people not letting girls or women participate in sports. I have played pick-up basketball, football and hockey with friends, and most of the time if a girl wants to play, boys will exclude her.

Boys and girls also have separate gym classes in school so girls don’t get a chance to play sports with boys and boys don’t get a chance to play with girls. There are some female sports leagues such as the WNBA, but even those are overshadowed by the more popular men’s athletic leagues.

It starts at a very young age. Boys are supposed to like sports and like “boy colours” like blue. Girls are supposed to like make-up and dolls and they are supposed to like colours such as pink and purple. Young kids are bombarded with media that tells them what a “boy should be like” and what a “girls should be like”.

When you search “female sports athlete” on Google, the first things to come up are “female sports hotties” and “wardrobe malfunctions in female sports”. I think it’s disgraceful and disrespectful that women are treated as sex objects, even when you type in something like “female sports athlete”. The only female sports team that gets media recognition is the Canadian women’s national ice hockey team, which only gets a chance to play every four years at the Olympics.

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